Duck egg still has no internal pip?

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    May 24, 2013
    I currently have 2 duck eggs in my super old LG incubator. I placed them both in on the same day, so they should be on the same track. The first one internally pipped on May 21 (which would be day 24 in the incubator), and was kind of just fooling around for the past two days until he finally made an external pip this morning. Now he's getting ready to unzip and peeping up a storm! Egg #2, however, hasn't made any progress at all. No internal pip, or pushing on the membrane or anything of that nature. I had to add some water to the incubator a little earlier today, as the humidity was lower than I wanted it, and I took the opportunity to candle Egg #2 to see if she's still alive. And she is. She doesn't look like she's getting prepped to start pipping anytime soon. Which is slightly concerning, since tomorrow is day 28. I did lower the temperature and up the humidity at day 25, and I'm wondering if this has caused her to lag behind more? Her brother sounds like he is getting very impatient!
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    Some eggs will hatch earlier than others. Not sure why but don't panic. Keep making sure your second egg is alive. Give it a few days before discarding it. It might be just a late hatcher.

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