Duck eggs due to hatch soon!

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    Apr 30, 2011
    Hi all!
    I had a pekin duck that was setting on her eggs but she got killed almost 2 weeks ago now. [​IMG] It was either a fox or a raccoon.... So I collected the eggs the next morning and put them into the incubator I have (just a LG still air) and they are due to hatch this weekend. For obvious reasons I dont have an exact hatch day but I candled them a few times and went by their development... All 7 were kicking when I stopped turning 3 days ago. And since today, 3 eggs are wiggeling, especially when I make "momma duck" noises or the dogs bark.. [​IMG] Does that mean they are hatching soon? I think I can hear them pecking at the shell... I really want these guys to make it but I'm not sure how much being cold for several hours after the mom got killed weakened them.... I guess we will find out soon! [​IMG] I need some company to help me keep my sanity while these guys work on hatching! [​IMG]

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