Duck eggs... Humidity question.

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    Jun 6, 2009
    Okay, so I have 23 duck eggs in the bator... It's a forced air Lyon Roll-X I've hatched several sets of chickens with but I am rather new to the duck egg thing. I did manage to hatch out 3 of 6 khaki campbell eggs at a school recently, but they were treated exactly the same as the chicken eggs they were in with. A student brought them in so we threw them in the bator!

    I've been reading many varied opinions about what the humidity should be... To mist, not to mist?

    So what's the concensus? What's worked for you.

    I've got muscovy, a few crested pekin, and two call eggs in there. I know they have different inucbation periods and will set up a separate incubator as a hatcher if the calls end up developing to the end. The person I got the eggs from has never had any luck getting her call hen to set so I'd said I'd try to hatch em if she gave me some ; )

    Any other advice for getting a good hatch?

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