Duck eggs not developing

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    Hey Everyone. I hope I can get some help. I just chunked batch 2 of duck eggs (Rouens) for never developing. On spot checks at least half my eggs have been fertile. This batch was of 20 eggs. I cracked every single one and 11/20 were fertile with zero development on day 9.
    Forced air incubator. 99.5-100 temp as confirmed by 2 digital and one glass, humidity 55-60% and and Auto egg turner.

    I have no idea what to think about this. I went ahead and put chicken eggs in to see what would happen. Could it be the incubator even with 3 separate readings? I just don't feel like that could even be possible.

    What are the chances I have a drake that has bad DNA? The eggs are from 6 hens. All turn 1 next week

    Thanks for any input
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    If they're showing fertile, that is odd. Sounds like you've checked the temp with a bunch of thermometers but it wouldn't hurt to calibrate one and check again, just to be sure.

    Also, is it still cold where you are? Could the eggs be freezing before you collect them? How long are you holding the eggs for before starting to incubate?
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    Oh sorry. Forgot to add they were all collected inside of 5 days with no freezing temps not left out overnite. I've calibrated twice now.

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