Duck Eggs Soon to Hatch (I Hope)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by North Slope Farmer, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Jun 14, 2010
    My Cayuga has been sitting on 10 eggs for the past 4 weeks. (There were originally 12, but one disappeared and the other got broken.) I was beginning to think that all her efforts were in vain. However, after reading about candling, I tried it today and it seems that 6 out of the 10 seem viable. I'm not sure about the other 4, but since they don't smell bad, I figure I'll leave them. One of the 4 is pushed in on one side, but the internal membrane looks intact. Can that one still hatch out or should I discard it? Also, if it's true that only 6 eggs are good and I end up taking the others away, will the mother still sit on that smaller number? Last of all, how long should I leave the eggs if no hatching is taking place? Will the mother eventually give up and leave or is it up to me to remove the eggs?

    Since Mama Duck and I are both new at this, any helpful advice would be much appreciated!
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    wow..4weeks, looks like you should be having some babies any time now. [​IMG] ~Congrats~ Yes, leave all the eggs a lone. (Especially since they don't smell bad) When the mom feels like shes done hatching she will spend a lot less time on the nest & spend more time with the babies. For me it was obvious when my mom duck was done sitting. But you want to watch & notice when shes off the nest so YOU can finish the hatch? Do you have an incubator all ready? Were you gonna finish hatching if theres still eggs unhatched? when my duck was done there was 7babies & 4 unhatched eggs. 1 not fertile(threw it away) & 3 almost ready to hatch. As soon as i seen her not staying on nest i put them in the incubator. They finally hatched about a week later, with 1 hatching each day after ..(today, tomorrow, and the next day) Delayed hatch for them eggs b/c the hen was probably still laying her eggs(1 per day) while sitting. When there was a bad egg the mom duck took it out of the nest with her mouth. 1 Egg is pushed in on the side? You mean a hole? Is the shell gone? If it dont smell bad & you think its still alive, I would leave it. its up to you. ~ The eggs can run a little late hatching leave the eggs till shes done. Good luck ~Julie~

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