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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by missbrit2006, Oct 26, 2015.

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    Mar 31, 2015
    My duck is sitting on 18 eggs! Can I move her and the eggs into the coop to keep them isolated invade they hatch soon. Not sure when they'll start hatching.
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    @missbrit2006 I've done it before but every duck is different, I get a dog crate ready one that will hold mama and eggs. complete with bedding then I take the eggs out from under my duck and place them in the crate last I pick up mama and put her inside then I cover with a towel and carry them where they will be when hatch begins I do leave her with towel over her crate for the night. Next day I take cover off and open the door to her crate she is inside my small coop that I use to put mamas and soon to be ducklings I have never had one abandon her eggs doing it this way. Food and water already in with her so she now has The whole coop to herself. After she has been in this coop for another night I open the door and let her out to do her business and get some fresh air. Most of the time they will go back to where they first started broody and I have to follow them in and pick them up and take them to their eggs after about 4-5 days they are going back to their eggs on their own. After hatch I remove mama and ducklings from the crate and they have the coop of their own. The reason I take them out of the crate is 1X I found a duckling behind the crate and it couldn't figure out how to get back inside and mama wasn't helping.

    Or you can wait till hatch starts and move then she dif won't leave them at that time.

    Most important of all is getting your duck and her eggs into a secure place before predators find her.

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