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10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
Western Pa
Hey y'all! I have 3 ducks-they are in a huge pen with plenty of grass and a swimming pool that they love! I am trying to figure out the best way to feed them and give them an additional water source.
They have a large dog house as their shelter (which they've been inside only a few times!), so it isn't big enough to put the food inside.
Any ideas and pics of your set up would be greatly appreciated!
I plan on using a regular chicken gravity feeder. For extra water I am using one of those bistro doggie waterers. The ones with the large base and a plastic jug that fits inside and keeps it full. The duckies love it.
I use 2 black rubber bowls, one for feed and one for water. The one I use for feed is about 1 gallon, the water bowl holds 3 gallons. I just fill both every morning. I stopped using chicken feeders because the ducks gum up the food so badly.
What about the rain? That is my biggest issue that the feed area wont be covered so the feed will go bad. should i just build a small portico for them, but will they go under it since they don't often use their house?
I will have to think about those rubber problem is that they will climb in and out of their food...maybe once they are adults it would not be so bad.
Sorry but my ducks at least continued to climb into the food bowl and would even take naps in there (and poop). I finally found something called (I think) a range feeder. I always used pellets so feed didn't get clogged in the holding bin and it would feed into the relatively small feed tray as the birds reduced the feed level in the tray. The roof was large and low and protected the feed well. You were supposed to anchor the unit down so the wind wouldn't flip it. of course ducks being ducks there were hassles about who got to feed when, you could see the 'pecking order' in action at that feeder!
My ducks each have a bowl of food inside their houses, to keep it dry. I give them water in a bucket (the big ice cream ones) closer to their house, for drinking and then I give them water in a bigger container that they can climb into.

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