duck feet

I would think that depending upon the substrate he walks on as well as his particular gait would cause this to happen. While it's not typical, I'm sure it can and does happen.
The short answer is yes - people with muscovies often write about trimming their nails - and I think Duck_feeder trims his runners' nails (or files them?)

I hope some people with experience can respond, also.
I'm sure you can trim nails should the need arise, but if a duck is kept on ground or natural surface, there shouldn't be a reason to do so. If kept on wire, it's more of a possibility. If you do decide to do so, look for the quick (blood vessel in the nail) and do not cut into it or it will bleed. On the off chance that you would trim and bleed, you should have clotting powder on hand to stop the bleeding.

Never had Muscovies, so I can't comment on that particular species.

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