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10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
Ok so I know you feed ducklings starter/grower from hatch to 4 weeks, then grower/finisher until they start laying. But once they start laying what should I feed them? The feed stores near me don’t carry duck food just duckling food and meat finisher feed, so that leaves tractor supply. Does anyone know of something that all or most TS stores carry that would “fit the bill” -no pun intended lol.
Ditto on the flockraiser, you can also get purinas layena for laying ducks and geese, go to there website and look up there nutritional info and graphs to show you what to feed. all from TSC
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Flock raiser I feed that to my hens, I didn’t realize that you could feed it to ducks as well (I need to read the bag more carefully I guess, I feel dumb now.) In my defense I was thinking different aged chickens in a flock hence flock raiser and I read the bag months ago so lets all thank fibro fog for forgetting that one. Oh my!
Really through there whole life, best to give layena when they start to lay for added calcium and other benefits.
o and if you have it on hand it is not bad for them to get medicated chick starter as ducklings.
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My chickens and ducks wouldn't eat Layena when I tried switching them over so I just left them on the Flock Raiser and suppliment with oyster shell.

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