Duck Got Attacked by My Dog :( PLEASE HELP

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    First causulty. Last night, at around 9 P.M. Pacific, my duck got attacked by my dog [​IMG]. The bites just seem to be puncture wounds, except for one which is a pretty good sized chunk. His bone is showing but there has been no more bleeding. I've cleaned it with Neosporin and wrapped gauze around him. I have some Duramycin-10 but I don't know the proportion to water. Could you please help? Anything is appreciated.

    Wishing for the best [​IMG],

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    Can you post a photo of the wound? Look for my thread about my injured bird I rescued... Also a dog attack.

    Can you get ahold of some silver sulfadiazine cream? I cleaned my birds wounds with warm chlorhexidine water, (used a bottle to blow water into the wound to blow anything out) and then packed with SSD cream. Took a few months for her wound to heal, but her's was very, very bad... About every other day I rinsed out the old SSD cream, and put new in.
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    hmmmm...... I now have a suspicion that it may have been a wild animal. Though being in Southern California, I don't know of any animals except for the coyote or snake.
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    This summer my flock of ducks was attacked by a family of stoats overnight; five of them died and three of them suffered severe puncture wounds, including a lost eye. I cleaned the wounds with Dawn dish soap, then used Neosporin on them. I didn't want to bandage anything, because I didn't want to impede air flow to the wound. I did put the three injured ducks into a "hospital box" in the garage, which has a heat lamp, clean shavings, food/water, and a cover to keep flies away. I cleaned the wounds every day and reapplied the Neosporin. I made sure to press on the punctures to express any pus/infection that was inside (turned out there was A LOT of it in there). You can tell if a wound is infected if it feels hot to the touch, aside from the other obvious signs - swelling, leaking, bubbling, etc. All three ducks made it just fine, although the one did end up losing his eye. I kept them in the box for about a week, until the wounds closed. I still cleaned them every day after turning them loose in their usual home, for about two weeks until they were mostly healed. Ducks are pretty resilient little creatures, but that being said, make sure they're not suffering!

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