Duck hatching problem!!!!!


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Jul 19, 2016
So my baby duck just hatched maybe an hour ago. I noticed something weird on his behind and he has part of his twin face sticking out of his butt. Idk what to do because these are my first batch of ducks I ever hatched... I do t know if I should just wait it out or put him out of his misery!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
It takes a few posts before we're allowed to post pictures. I'm not sure of the exact count. As far as the spot on your ducklings hind end, keep a close eye on it. Make sure there are clean towels or bedding for him or her to rest on. If after a day or two it's still the same then I'd use a very small bit of ointment on it. The type without pain reliever in it. Things happen in the hatching process, but usually they heal up rather quickly. Keep us posted and let us know if there's anything more we can help with.
Thank you tmorgan46... I been keeping a close eye on him or her, so far I noticed that it was big blood clots and they have passed threw.... And s/he has been trying to walk and play wit s/he siblings. When I checked 20 minutes ago s/he had a spot or dried up blood or some kind on ha/he behind... I'm not for sure but if I'm able to post a pic soon I will definitely post so you can see..
Sounds like progress. How is his or her appetite? Eating okay? And are you giving them extra supplements with their food / water? You'll see lots of mentions of brewers yeast on this website and for good reason. For recent hatched ducks, I give some Nutridrench in the water and brewers yeast (I bought on Amazon) in their food. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!!
Being a first time hatcher I didn't know I had too but I will definitely buy on Amazon shortly and get it shipped in one day if I can or I can check at fleet farm to see if they have any....
The answer to the appetite is fine... From what I noticed with the others hatch... Being a day old s/he appetite seems fine no problems... Poop seems like the others...
Those are all very good signs! I'd keep him or her separate until the hind-end heals up and then it sounds like he or she can go back into general population!!

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