6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
New Jersey
Okay so I have a Rouen sitting on fertile eggs in the barn.


She's been sitting in them for two weeks give or take a few days... And today I just went out and took a flashlight to a few eggs when she was outside drinking.

A few eggs are like orange with the white air sac :


And a few others just have the white air sac and you like cant see anything else:


Somebody please help! I know that chickens and ducks will throw out and eggs not hatching but I don't know if any of those eggs I pictured are alive. The area around her nest smell kinda rotten also so idk if she kicked bad eggs out and hid them behind the nest box.
it's hard to tell from your pics. at 2 weeks you should be seeing movement and you'll still see some veins as well as the air sack. at 3 weeks or so sometimes they look black like that because the duck is so big they take up pretty much all the shell and you can't really see much when you candle them. If the egg is bad, you'd be able to tell from candling because the duckling would be decomposing and inside the egg you'd see the liquide sloshing around and maybe a red ring. also i've had them going bad in the incubator and you can definitely tell that there is something dead..and when you put your nose to the egg it smells bad..and should be gotten rid of right away..otherwise, just wait and see what happens. in the picture you have that is orange, it's say that about right for a week thats a couple weeks looks in the picture that i see the duckling..if thats the case then next time you candle you should watch for a minute and you'll see the duck move.
Okay so I have an update!!! My little Daisy's eggs have starte hatching! I went outside and she was still sitting but I heard peeping and egg cracking so there is atleast one hatching!!! :)
Any more hatching?

Not yet :( still two but just a few minutes ago daisy went out side and left them near the nest so I picked them up to keep em warm while my mom got some sugar water and food :)
After we left the barn, she got back on the nest and sat down on em. So I don't know if any more are gonna hatch
What to name em?


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