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    May 19, 2016
    Hi BYC
    This is pretty bad... some one bought my sister (12) a duck!!! A day old duckling leaving my sister clueless. It's an Indian runner, and her friend who bought it has it at home.
    We have no brooder.
    We have no experience.
    We have a mother who hates animals.

    What do we do??? Pros and cons and extra I for on persuasion would be great!!!
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Post in the "Ducks" section.
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    Well if your mother doesn't mind, it's pretty easy to keep a duck.
    Here's some pros and cons

    ~Runner ducks can be very funny! Great Pets! ( I have one and boy does she make me laugh! )
    ~ If it's a girl you'll get eggs when it's all grown up.
    ~ Ducks are natural pest-control. The can eat all sorts of bugs!
    ~ It only takes 8 weeks for them to be pretty much grown up
    NONE! (okay there's a few...)
    ~ Feed can be expensive
    ~They can stink

    Here's some very easy brooder ideas:

    And here's my easy feeder:

    If there's ANYTHING else you need just ask me I'll be glad to help!!!
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