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Jan 11, 2010
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Hello fellow duck owners!! i am currently in a speech class for school (it was a required class), and i have decided to my speech on ducks... again. LOL. The first one i did for my class was about my ducks and now this speech is about the difference in domesticated ducks and wild ducks and then i am going to close it out with why it is a horrible idea to release a human imprinted duck into the wild. i am hoping this is spread and all the students tell other people. for this particular speech i need 5-7 sources and my teacher would like them to be different kinds (newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.) does any one know of any? please please please let me know. i know it's last minute but i need to do this today cuz it's due tomorrow. i didn't procrastinate, my bro is here from afghanistan on leave and i was gone all weekend.

thank you in advance!!
If the speech goes well, you might want to submit it to a local paper, because this is word that really needs to get out with winter coming on...I know someone who just rescued a large African goose that was dumped at a retention pond in an industrial park.
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