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Oct 23, 2018
Hi, so today i went to go out to get my duck Mrs. Quackers my khaki campbell duck inside her mini home (dont judge the name) and when i was looking for her i saw her fluffed up in my dried up pond, hurt with a dog bite on her back. This is not the first time this has happened, one time my neighbors dog killed my female khaki. Besides that, the wound was pretty big and im worried and i heavily care about that duck (i even named it) and she makes me feel better. My dad but iodine on the wound and some bandages... does anyone think she will survive? I decided to ask this before i go to bed and sleep.

More info on my duck:

She is a tiny female khaki campbell and she is a year and a few months old. Im extremely worried and i hope she isnt dead when i wake up.

Day 1: my sister just check on my Mrs. Quackers and she is alive! I believe she'll survive this!
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Aug 6, 2018
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Get some photos to us now! Flush the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and press till it stops bleeding. Then wrap it tightly with antibiotic cream once a day every day following.
(Also no judge on the name, I have one named Billy Bob Joe, Pekin)


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She is likely in shock. Most important right now is to get her into a quiet, dark, warm place so she can recover from the shock. You may even want to give her a heat lamp. Separate her from the other ducks if you have not done so.

Flush the wounds with saline solution if you have it, or water if you don't. Avoid hydrogen peroxide because it's actually a debriding agent and impedes the healing of wounds.

Then I would pack the wounds with an antibiotic cream like neosporin.

For pain relief, you can disolve 5 five-grain tablets of aspirin into a gallon of water and leave that out for her free choice to drink from.

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