Duck in trouble... Tips?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LupineChickens, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Dec 29, 2012
    I have six chickens and a drake, Aflack, and they live in separate regions of their coop right now. When they were together, Aflack would hump them and the chickens would peck him on his eyes, never got the actual eyeball, though. Don't tell me, I know it was stupid, but I let them all out last Saturday while I cleaned out their coop, I decided they might be able to get along outside since they could get away from each other. Anyways, i went to fill up their waterer and when i got back, he was being attacked. He ended getting his right eye pecked bad: I'm not sure if he lost it but he's definitely blind in that eye. We've been putting some puffer stuff on it and we're keeping him in a 3x3ft.-ish cubby in our workshop. He's lonely, though, he has been having really running poops and he's not eating or drinking a lot. Is there anything I can give him or do to encourage him to drink, eat, or help his eye (or lack thereof) heal?
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    Ducks are very sociable birds and if the chickens don't accept him or he tries to mate with the chickens, there going to be accidents all around.
    You need get another duck, preferably one of the same age and breed, or re-home. Good luck, I hope his eye heals.
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    It's vital he drinks water. Add some vitamins to his water nutri drench is great and you put the recommended dosage in mouth not down the throat. Do u give him treats if so try treats like peas, greens or eggs he may eat that. The eye may be infected can you get him to the vet?
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    A saline rinse will help the eye, and I have just this week found - on myself - that warm Epsom salts compresses help eye problems. Don't let him drink any of it, it's a laxative.

    He's been traumatized, and now is alone, so that could affect his appetite and stools. Can you get him anywhere closer to people where it's still safe from others (i.e. cats, dogs)? How long ago did the injury occur?

    For diarrhea, I would consider giving a tiny (1 teaspoon) bit of mashed banana. I would also add some activated charcoal to his water. Activated charcoal is a supplement (not the briquettes, those have poison in them). You can get it at some superstores or heath food/supplement stores. It removes toxins from the gut.

    A nice stuffed toy and an unbreakable mirror might help him adjust, and I agree that duck friends would be on my list of things to do for him.

    A couple of fellow drakes might work out. Think about it.

    As always, I recommend time - for him - in a clean, lukewarm bath, deep enough to float in, to improve his mood, his circulation, and give you a chance to look him over carefully and observe how he's moving. Look for other signs of injury. We often miss something when there is an obvious injury.

    I would get him on some poultry vitamins with electrolytes. Electrolytes may help with the diarrhea as well. And he'll need some kind of supplement to heal better.

    Poor guy.
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    X2 What Amiga said. Those vitamins make a huge difference in my ducks. And I've had fantastic luck with lettuce and spinach too.

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