Duck keeping in the winter

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dheltzel, Jan 4, 2015.

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    I've never kept ducks past a few weeks of age, but I know they are very messy compared to chickens and turkeys. I use heated dog water bowls to great effect with all our poultry, but I'm not sure if/how they would work with ducks. The idea of breaking out "ice pucks" and filling bowls every day is the main thing keeping me from getting a group of BEI's that a friend has offered to give me.

    Could I build a box around the water bowl, sized to allow them to get their heads in, but not the rest of their bodies? Would that be ok, or cruel to prevent them from getting into the water like ducks want to do? I would give them a larger swimming container when the weather permits, after all, half the fun of ducks is watching them splash and swim.

    Will BEI's fly or jump up to a shelter that is about 8 inches off the ground? Should I make a ramp? Will they have the sense to get into the shelter in bad weather?
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    YOu could do that for a waterbowl, i use heated buckets and rubber livestock bowls. Ducks generally are not that agile so a ramp is better that said some don't like those either, depends on the bird somewhat.

    While ducks are definitely more 'water work' in the winter you get a routine and manage, i keep a lot of ducks so have a method lol
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    I don't let my ducks get into the water in winter. They can get their heads in and that's it. They still splatter water but its manageable. In the past I've had them get into the water when they had more access and they ended up with frozen feathers, not good! I use metal pans that are about 6in deep (it's just what I had around) and put heaters in those. Works well for me.
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    I had to google 'BE ducksI' and only got one answer, so it would probably helpful to indicate that you mean 'Black East Indies'.

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