Duck killed found cold nest


Jun 21, 2016
Something broke into our coop and took my favorite Welsh Harliquin who was sitting on a nest of 10 eggs.
The nest she flew too because it was made on top of a bale of hay leaning against the wall. I didnt even realise the nest was there until she was gone. I guess when she heard me feeding the young ducks in a different pen first she would get down with the others and wait for their food.
The nest was cold so not sure how long she was off of it. I gathered all 10 eggs and headed to the house.
After candeling them 4 looked at about 6 days in SO I put them in the bator and hoping they werent to cold to live!!
Working on finding where the heck whatever got in and out with my duck without a trace :/
I sure hope some hatch!
They CAN still hatch but you may have losses and they may take a bit longer since they were left a bit til you found them....good luck and so sorry for your loss.

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