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10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
So my dog killed 2 of my ducks today. MY dog. MY DOG!!!! My little 10 yr old Lhasa Apso mix. 2 muscovy. A female and one of the babies that was destined for the freezer. I am devastated and want either the dog or the ducks to go.

We know this dog chases them sometimes if no humans are present and we never let her outside by herself, NEVER, the kids know not to, EVERYBODY knows that Mysty cant be out by herself with the ducks. But my niece came by with her kids, WHILE we were sleeping and didn't pay attention and didnt realize the dog went out.

Animal lover or not, at this point I'm ready for Snakeman to take this dog outside and shoot her between the eyes but he wont because he thinks once Im not so upset I'd regret that. I'd find a home for her except who wants a 10 yr old dog with no teeth whos been with the same family all of her life? And truth is... well she's MY dog. *sob* Or maybe the ducks should go. If we cant protect them better than that maybe we shouldn't even have them. And dont say make them a pen and pen them up. I cant do that either. I'm caught between a rock and hard place and i just want to give up right now.

I am so upset and tired and crying. I wish right now that I'd never gotten ducks and especially that I didn't love them so much. But I love my stupid duck killing dog too. The stupid dog doesn't even understand why I'm mad. She's just sitting here wagging her stupid tail and looking up at me at me.
Oh, that's a tough spot to be in for sure. I'm SO sorry. I can feel your angst all the way through the computer.


And 'cause I'm pretty sure you need more...


(I think you're just venting, so I won't give you my $0.02.)
I'm so sorry that happened, it is very upsetting when a loved family pet gets hurt or worse by another family pet. Try sectioning off an area of your yard for your ducks, it wouldn't be penning them, they'd just have their own safe section.
Ok, first at all.

It the fault of your niece who let the dog out. So don't blame the dog, blame her.

Your dog did what comes natural. It probably wanted to play and went to far.
Do not kill or rehome the dog. It is part of your family and has been for a long while. Everything was fine and everyone knew the routine. There is no reason of getting rid of the dog. You cannot punish the dog either, because it has no idea what went wrong.

I have 4 dogs that hang around the ducks all the time. They haven't done a thing and hopefully never will. Still it can happen and then I have to blame myself for letting them hang around the ducks. They are animal with instincts and you have to accept that or get a painting of a dog instead.

Sorry for you loss, just be nice to the dog. Please.
Thanks everyone. I am venting. And Katharinad.. I could never be mean to any living thing. Don't worry about that. I'm just upset. She's such a sweet dog. Even the big dogs on the farm don't mess with the ducks. I dont understand why my sweet little dog does this is all. But no worries.
Sorry for your losses, and hope you are feeling less stressed. Logically, you know that it is not the dog's fault. She has given you 10 good years. EVERYONE must be educated that she can't be allowed near the ducks in unsupervised settings. Good luck in resolving this.
Sorry to hear about your ducks.

Two weeks ago one of my dogs managed to open a door to the outside of our house and 4 pullets got in the house. By the time the dog sitter arrived one of my dogs had killed one of the birds. It sucks. BTW, the other dogs were having a complete meltdown. They were not happy that there was a dead bird in the house (yes, she dragged it into my family room).

We love our dogs and our ducks and our chooks. However, we do have new house rules about locking the deadbolts to keep them apart from now on...
So sorry!
I can't imagine. You know what I think you need? A couple of runners to make you feel better.
Honestly, I am truly sorry and it brings tears to my eyes to even think of what you are going through. Who knew we could fall in love with these ducks like we all have?
Thanks everyone. I mean it. Thanks for the hugs too. I come here to rant because my other friends don't really see the big deal. They think I'm nuts and that they were "only ducks." One friend even said, "Well so what. Weren't you just going to butcher the one boy anyway?"
They don't get it.

Mysty is curled up next to me. She knows she did wrong, but I'm sure she doesn't know what. I was so mad at her and I think she knew it. Thanks everyone for not ragging me out about free range ducks etc. We originally got all these ducks simply for bug control and some meat and eggs in the cupboard. I had no idea how attached I would get. And it really does hurt the heart when something like this happens. It's good to have other crazy duck people around to make ya feel better.
Im sorry.
I understand. I had a killing machine, I mean- a weiner dog for six years. She killed everything at every chance she got. I lost so many babies: chicks, full grown chickens. She was fast and lethal and could fit in between the smallest gap in the fence. I couldnt keep my birds safe because someone would eventually forget to shut the gate, or she would find a hole, etc. She was fast and she even killed three foster kittens that I had in the bedroom. she fit through the pop-hole of the chicken coop and was lightening fast- at slaughtering.

She was my dog- a gift from a coworker when she was just a bitty little six week old puppy. That dog made me cry more than any human ever has- each death and each time. It was to the point I could not keep her any more. Sure, we miss her- but I would not be able to have any of my chickens or ducks if I had kept her, because I couldnt guarantee their safety.

I rehomed her. But we miss her often. But I am more relaxed.

What I do now, for my big dogs, is I keep a large piece of plywood across the deck stairs that lead to the backyard. Dogs cannot go through unless someone slides the plywood over. These two dont kill- not that I will give them that opportunity. Im sure if they are bored enough one day, their old ancestors' hunting instincts may kick in, and they may forget that they are fat, over-fed, bed-stealers and think that they have to hunt for their survival. However, being huge dogs they are easier to keep out of areas. This big piece of plywood forces whatever family member decides that they are going to let the dogs out, to have to walk out there and physically move the wood and use their brain to see if the ducks gate is open or not. These two also listen if you yell their name and make them come back in. My weiner dog would never do that.

Im sorry for your loss. I question how a toothless ten yr old Lhasa Apso can do that also. Since nobody saw her do it, are you certain it was her? and not a visitor stray? I understand the part where she knows you are angry, but no clue why- also. I couldn't even let my dog near me after she killed the kittens. (I have six cats- she was used to cats). *hugs* for you and your situation.

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