Duck lameness


May 2, 2018
Rhode Island
Alright everyone. I have a dilemma and I wonder if anyone here would be able to provide me with any helpful input. I have a duck that is around one year old. A week ago she started limping on one leg and the next day she stopped standing up. I have kept her separate out in the pen during the day and at night. I give her Epsom salt baths every night, spray both feet with vetericyn spray, and place a mupirocin antibiotic ointment (it fights against staff infections on humans) on gauze on her feet and wrap them up every night. The thing is her legs look fine. I also have been giving her apple cider vinegar in her water at night. And vitamins and electrolytes during the day. I saw two tiny spots that may possibly be tiny bumble so I was thinking maybe that could be the problem. But she hasn’t wanted to stand in a week. If I put her in the pool she swims. Sometimes I catch her in the crate with her leg all the way back behind her. I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened. She hasn’t laid an egg now for the last three days (which isn’t totally uncommon I know but I’m not sure if it’s relevant) and today she didn’t eat or drink much. I’m just wondering has anything like this happened to anyone? Have they bounced back? I’m hesitant to call the vet because I have spent a lot of money in the past and not seen results with a previous duck. Just wondering if anyone could provide any insight that I may be missing.

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