duck laying habbits I have questions


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Oak Hills
ok so I have always had ducks but up until now I dont think I have ever had a female cuz I never got an egg lol so I KNOW I have females this time but I was wondering how long does it take them to start laying and how good of layers are they?
I Have
Khaki Cambell
blue Swedish
and white crested or crested white lol
If you bought good quality birds and maintain them under proper conditions, you can expect something in the neighborhood of 250-340 eggs per year from the Campbells. 100-150 per year fro the Swedish. 35-125 from the Rouen.

The crested white could be any breed, so I have no idea.

Some where between 4-6 months of age to start laying.

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