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    Hi all! I really need some advice on what to do with one of my 7 month old Pekins.

    Short backstory: I am a recently new “mom” of two female Pekins, Alba and Effie; my “white” “melodious talkers” (I think I spent too much time thinking about their names…). My parents had chickens before I was born and we still have them but last spring I decided to add two ducks to the family. I have enjoyed them immensely and love how different their personalities are. Alba is soooo bossy! I didn’t know a duck could be that bossy; she never fails to let you know if she is upset. Effie is a sweetheart – gentle and pretty quiet (total opposite of her name).

    The girls have a decently sized fenced in yard and a small circular pond (3’ deep, 5’ diameter). Two weeks ago I was home for a weeklong recess from my college and decided to give the girls free range around our property. They didn’t wander as much as I feared they would but they did move around a lot more than they usually do.

    A few days after I gave them free range Effie started refusing to put weight on her right foot. Both of the girls suffered through moderate bumblefoot a few months ago and had surgery, at the vet’s office, to remove the abscesses. I was concerned it was a break because even when she had bumblefoot she would still walk, she just limped. October 22nd I took her to the vet and he ruled out a dislocation and brake but thought that maybe she was getting an abscess again because he didn’t see or feel anything wrong with it. The vet wrapped her right foot, not seeing any bumblefoot but thinking that if there was one the wrap would help. I moved Effie and Alba into an empty stall in our barn to limit her possible movement and distress Alba and Effie were having when Alba would wander out of Effie’s site.

    Last Monday, Oct. 27th, I brought her to the vet again because she seemed really depressed and still wasn’t putting any weight on her foot. He said that the scab had come off but there was nothing there and it was looking a lot better. Friday, Oct. 31st, I brought her to the vet again because she was even more depressed and not eating. The vet gave her some antibiotics/steroids and told me to check back this week.

    As of today, November 6th, Effie is still not putting any weight on her foot but will balance herself with her wings and the tip of her toes. She is beginning to lose weight and is pretty “ruffled”. She had been staying in the barn the last two weeks, so we could keep a closer eye on her but I gave her a large tub of water today so she could have a true bath which caused her to perk up a bunch but she’s still not herself.

    Over the last two weeks I’ve brought her to the vet three times and yesterday he told me that he could do an X-ray and blood work (~$300.00) but he can’t promise it will find anything and he is sure it isn’t broken. He said he could also do an ultrasound to see if it is a damaged nerve but that will cost more than $1,000.00 and if there some sort of nerve damage it isn’t treatable.

    I don’t mind spending some money on the girls because they are my babies but I am a college student and don’t have a lot of extra money lying around. I also don’t want to make Effie suffer if her condition isn’t treatable but I don’t want to prematurely euthanize her. I would be devastated and I can’t bear to think how Alba would handle Effie’s loss.

    Whoever reads through this, thank you so so much. I just don’t know what to do and any advice/thoughts would be wonderful!

    Alba is in the tub, Effie on the ground not putting her foot on the ground.

    Effie about an hour ago, she just got out of the water tub.
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    I am going to pm somebody who knows a lot about ducks...I will ask them to look at your post and offer any help they may be able to give....

    Amiga...see her post..
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    I responded over on the Duck Forum - have a question or two.

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