Duck Math!


9 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Western Mass
So I picked up these 4 Mallard Ducklings at TSC a few days ago because they were too cute to resist.
(I have 12 now-laying chickens, so I was able to refrain from the chicks) Well, then I decided that the 4 ducklings needed some friends. So I bought a book that described the different breeds of ducks and decided that I had to have some Khaki Campbells for egg laying. Called the hatchery to order 6, and was told that the shipping would be $40.
but if I ordered 10, then the shipping would be $16. So why on earth would I spend money on shipping when I could have more ducks instead.
Ran it by hubby and he told me to do whatever I wanted since I take care of them. So I ended up with 7 Khaki Campbells and 3 White Pekin.
Guess I'm going to need a bigger brooder!
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PLEASE tell me duck math doesn't work like chicken math? Chicken math gets me in trouble and I have ordered 15 ducks for shipping third week of April!
I don't have a problem with chicken math, but dang it this duck math surprised me. I thought "There's no way I'm ordering 15 ducks".....picked up 4 at TSC last week and just ordered 10 for next week.....guess I should've just gone with the
I had read about mortality statistics, so I reckoned ordering ten I would end up with about half that after a year. Well, five years later, we have nine of the eleven we received. Oh, and four adopted Buffs.

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