Duck Math!


9 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Western Mass
So I picked up these 4 Mallard Ducklings at TSC a few days ago because they were too cute to resist.
(I have 12 now-laying chickens, so I was able to refrain from the chicks) Well, then I decided that the 4 ducklings needed some friends. So I bought a book that described the different breeds of ducks and decided that I had to have some Khaki Campbells for egg laying. Called the hatchery to order 6, and was told that the shipping would be $40
but if I ordered 10, then the shipping would be $16. So why on earth would I spend money on shipping when I could have more ducks instead. Ran it by hubby and he told me to do whatever I wanted since I take care of them. So I ended up with 7 Khaki Campbells and 3 White Pekin.
Guess I'm going to need a bigger brooder!
Ah, ducklings are hard to resist. I brooded 15 last year. Beware that they are messy. Wet poo. And they love to get in the water. Even if it is just their beaks, they'll fling water. You'll need to find a way to keep a dry area of the brooder so they don't stay wet and get chilled. Have fun!
The 4 now make such a mess, I clean the brooder 3 times a day! I can't even imagine what it's going to be like next week when the other 10 get here. But, they'll be over the baby stage in no time and we'll be having so much fun with them. We have had an awful winter here in Massachusetts, I needed something (ie duckie) to get rid of my winter blues.

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