duck math


9 Years
Nov 6, 2010
Northern Indiana
Please tell me that duck math is not like chicken math.
I don't know that we can have that many animals. We have really been won over by the ducks and especially the geese in the last six weeks.
lol there really is no cure expect when you go broke which i hope never happens cause i dont think i could ever get rid of my babies
I have no idea how it compares.. I don't have chickens yet.. they come by the middle of the month .. I have only started to increase my flock more this year.. and that has been through my own breeding which hasn't yielded the best results... truthfully, i have the same amount of birds i had last year.
I was also going to add a pair of birds of a different breed and that fell through too.. so for me, no duck math does not exist..
lol Yes its true, they are one in the same. We started out with 2 Pekins, then DD decided to switch her dairy goat project to ducks for 4-H so we got 2 more so she would have a pair, then DH started liking DDs Mallards so sent me out for 5 more! lol Then I decided I wanted Rouens and got some eggs to hatch, well that didnt work out. I ended up with 1 jumbo pekin/rouen mix being the only one to hatch. Now she is lonely and I want to find another duck around her age lol.
Like potato chips.
Can't have just one.
I started with 1 and ended up with 6!!
People still contact me to take in more, but this flock is CLOSED!! LOL

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