Duck memory/help me get my ducks home!


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8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Hi everybody. As I noted in a different post I had some dogs attacked my flock on Christmas day. Two ducks survived unharmed but they've left home. They're over at the neighbor's yard, down a steep hill, in a year round pond. Basically my property backs on to a green space. I've been going over there throwing them corn to try to get them to come back home and they're vaguely interested. Today I got some lettuce and am going to try to lure them with that. My thoughts are the ducks must have seen the attack and don't see their coop as a safe place anymore. Before this happened they'd put themselves to bed every night. Anybody have any tips on how I can get the ducks to come home? Or how long a duck's memory is? Thank you.
great news. hope your setup has been secured so they are safe.
mr. i have no idea, and about my pics of the inside of my coop, well a friend came over and has messed up my computer to where I can't even get my pics onto my computer.
I am so upset. They use to go on so easy.

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