Duck Move


Aug 20, 2019
West Michigan
Looking for some guidance... I have 18 quackers and I'm looking at moving about 9 hours away. Nothing is said and done but I want to be prepared with whatever I need should things happen as I hope.

My ducks have never been particularly happy to be wrapped, however it's winter and I think they'd maybe do ok? What have you done for your ducks to move them?

Also considering rehoming my 4 khakis and 2 rouens as part of/before the move

Thanks for your insight!
What breeds will you have if you rehome the ones you mentioned? Good sturdy boxes or dog crates work lotsof pee pads or shavings. Food an water when you stop to use the rest room and stretch your legs. It's will be messy but they will survive.
When I moved both ducks and chickens from here to a new home I used sturdy boxes and cut windows for air just not large enough anyone could climb through. They will need good ventilation.
Seems like some good thoughts here. I like the idea of boxes with holes out the side - will allow them movement without wrapping them and still keep them from uhh.... going nuts.
I have:
Runners, black and blue swedish, buff, welsh, pekin, cayuga, appleyard, and saxony.
I like having the khakis and rouens but I would like to switch around the boys and girls a bit.
Yep best way and most likely they will sleep mostly anyway. Big breeds 2 to a box others maybe 3-4 if you can find large enough boxes.
That'd be ideal. I'd at least be in the same vehicle so I could talk to them - believe it or not I can get them to shut up and go to sleep most of the time.
2 per box seems ideal. Just do them in a circle and pad the center so they can talk to eachother. I probably wouldn't stop more than once for myself but I know they'll be ok and I can stop to offer water since I'll have to deal with a kitten at some point anyway
I only go to the vet, it is an hour there and an hour back. We've waited there for 4 hours since it is an emergency vet also and they get busy. So my ducks have been in a travel situation for 6 hours.

We put them in a medium/large dog crate with two folded towels in the bottom. We flip towels over halfway through so the bottom towel is on top. The crate has plenty of ventilation, and we put a dark thin sheet over top to help prevent stress. My ducks stand the entire time so I go slowly around the corners and brake carefully with plenty of time.

I'm sure most absorbent substrates will be fine. They'll likely need a lot of it since they seem to poop so much when they are stressed.

Good luck with everything regarding your potential move. The new place sounds lovely for humans and ducks.

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