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Dec 10, 2011
So Chacha has been having a hard time. After the vet visit for her bumble foot 4 weeks ago, I have been following what the vet has said.
First she needed a deeper pool because her newest kiddy pool was too shallow (her other kiddy pool had broke). A new pool would give her time off her feet. I got her a 115 gallon stock tank that is 2 feet deep. Her bumble foot is doing better. Scab healed up and swelling has gone down.
Second, the vet said she was over weight (another cause for bumble foot because of more weight on her feet). The vet stated the weight gain was because she was still eating layer pellets even though she had stopped laying about a year ago. She said Chacha needed to be put on a maintenance diet and eat more greens. I switched to Mazuri Waterfowl.
Once I finished off most of the layer pellets, I mixed the rest with some Mazuri Waterfowl. Chacha just picked out the pellets and left the Mazuri Waterfowl in the bowl. Now she is only on Mazuri Waterfowl. She's not really eating. She picks at it and shoves a ton on it out of the bowl. She is not really interested in greens much either. She also started to molt which worries me because she isn't really eating, so where is the energy for molting coming from? She acts hungry though and has gotten very cranky and nippy as a result. I know its because she wants the pellet food because when I put down the new food, she gets excited and runs toward it. But once she finds its the new food she stops, and seems to give me the stink eye. It has been 4 days since she stopped having layer pellets. She will still eat the bugs and stuff she finds. I've even tried to float the pellets in her stock tank but she only picked at them and left them alone. And she has eaten mazuri waterfowl before (one of the pet store near by sells it as floating duck food that you can buy by the scoop), it just wasn't her main feed and used as a floating treat then.

Basically, what I need to know is if anyone else has dealt with a hunger strike with new feed? How long did it last? Will she eventually start eating the new food when she gets hungry enough?
I don't have room for another 50lb bag of feed nor do I have the extra money to buy another bag of feed (especially if the first bag is then going to sit around and go to waste).
hi when i ran out of a grain based food and i could not find any i put my chickens on layer pellets they hated me for it so i put a different feed that had grain and pellets after i ran out i put them on the layer pellets (i mixed it wheat for about 2 weeks) they where fine with it
good luck
Ducks hate change, that is a fact, they are funny that way. Did you mix the feeds? do you know what the other was based with? since different feeds can use different bases they can smell and be different despite looking otherwise.

I know of the mazuri but cannot get it here, i know some praise it others dislike it... any other options out there? what is it your after a lower protein level?

Is this an only duck? mine all have grains, and a grower of about 16%pro and forage... food transitions can take time.. i would mix and keep upping the new product, i would also give forage time, create some mud, ducks love to dig in that.

How old is the duck?

Try mixing the food with water. I make a slurry and they eat it. Maybe mix or mash some peas in there. Try to make it taste good ducks have developed taste buds like ours and love flavor. It may take a few days to a just to new foods. There is a duck treat page on here some ware...
Ducks love pea's! Mine would run down to the garden with me waiting to get some. The would sit there and stare when there was none left.
Quackers hates peas, she'll spit them out lol. What about trying to mix a little bit of wet cat food into it?

Hates...peas...not to alarm you but... I don't think Quackers is a duck. Maybe some new kind of alien that pretends to be a duck to send intelligence back to the mother ship! Lol JK

The wet cat food might work. Just mix it real good so she doesn't eat around to the cat food. I hear people even feed dog food to their ducks and fish food pellets too. Might be something to look into.
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:lau You know I've thought the same thing! Well maybe not the whole alien aspect, but of Quackers not being a duck. Maybe he/she is an alien though since Quackers doesn't like water Lol.
I would only mix 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of the layer pellets for a week or two. Then next week make it 1/2 and 1/2. The following week. 3/4 new food and 1/4 pellets. Go slow she will adapt.
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