Duck on bantam and duck eggs

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    Very new to the forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong part!
    In the past I've only had chickens and they have hatched their own eggs without any issues !

    Now that I own a duck (female) she went broody on some of her eggs and having lost a few chickens last year I thought I would chuck a few eggs under her aswell and just see what would happen!

    Now exactly 21days later the duck eggs are cheeping and have a little crack in them but not much from the chook eggs some of them feel like they're moving inside although ! I'm worried the duck won't raise the chicks if they do hatch, and just curious if anyone has had any experience with this before? And also I read that duck eggs take longer to hatch? They have all been under there for the 21 days!
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    Duck eggs do not hatch in 21 days, they hatch in 28, longer if they're muscovy eggs. If you have eggs hatching on day 21 they are the chicken eggs, not the duck eggs, unless you incubated the duck eggs for a week before putting them under the duck, but this isn't mentioned in your post.

    When the chicks hatch, you should take them from her and raise them yourself. If you don't, not only will she abandon the duck eggs and let them die to take care of the chicks, she will also lead the chicks right into whatever water source you have for her to swim in and being that they can't swim like ducklings can, they will drown.

    This is maybe a silly question but you mention only that you own a female duck. I assume you own a male as well so that the eggs are fertile?

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