Duck on the wrong nest :/


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013

I have 2 pekin ducks and a drake both of my ducks have made lovely nest's quite close to each other. 'Bonnie' started incubating her 14 eggs just over a week ago and she has so far been doing a great job. This morning i noticed the other duck 'Loretta' had also started to incubate hers she has 16 eggs in her nest. But this evening i noticed Bonnie had left her nest and was sat on loretta's

So i moved bonnie off the nest and guided her towards her own she did eventually sit on her own nest again. But now i am worried that she has spent too much time off her own. Her nest felt cool but not freezing, How long can eggs go un-incubated for? And any idea why she has kicked loretta off her nest and left her own.

I am very new to keeping ducks so any advise or information would be very much appreciated.

Thank you :)
At the beginning they don't stay on nests as long, there are more frequent breaks, that said the nest switching, i've had it here, the nests didn't fail and they switched in the last stages so an intense time, i have had no success with stopping the switch if they are closely placed it can be difficult too.

Thank you for the reply they are both back on their own nest's now. Hopefully it stays that way :)
I had a chick and a duck switch nests. This has lead to all sorts of headaches at our farm. At night the momma chicken flies to the roost and clucks for her baby ducklings to fly up there with her... And the poor little guys try but their little thumb-like wings can't get them off the ground.

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