Duck pipped wrong end -- now out but with a bulge?? [PIC]


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May 6, 2011
I had a duckling that pipped at the wrong end. Everyone else is out and it's the last one ... Everyone started hatching Tuesday.
The poor thing made an external pip but only the shell and not the membrane.

I struggled and debated after a while that it would soon suffocate. It was the first one to rock on Saturday and was so lively then..
I helped it a bit and it's now out of its shell (It was very eager to come out..
but not enough energy).

However, now there's a huge bulge between its legs and in the middle of the bulge there's like things oozing out of it. I probably did something wrong and I feel horrible and feel that it's my responsibility to help it in any way that I can..

In the beginning it opened its eyes but now it's in the incubator and chirping a bit from time to time... but it's still laying down and not moving much.

It's my first time and read these forums so many times and searching through all the old articles.. but I can't find much about this bulge. And no one is responding in incubating/hatching section..


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It looks like (from what I can see) that it didn't finish absorbing the yolk sac. I have had some hatch like that. Unfortunately those that I have hatched didn't last for very long.
Just too weak. Good luck with yours.
Good luck!
I had a duckling hatch like that yesterday and couldn't figure out why he looked funny. Unfortunately he's very splay legged and weak right now, so I just hope he pulls through!
I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I posted the same picture twice. Here is a better second picture.

Well it's name is Porky (Because it was the biggest egg. Almost 2x the others) and it's sad to see it struggle so much.

If it didn't finish absorbing the yolk.. is it doomed to die? Can I just leave it in the incubator or do I have to cull it? I don't want it to suffer but at the same time I don't think I have the will to cull it.
Thank you all for your replies. I'm so relieved that I can receive help like this!

I will let Porky stay in there for a bit but my humidity level has been 85% and some of my ducklings had some trouble drying off.
Is that too high? Is there a way to lower it so they dry faster?
Leave him in the incubator, but put some paper towels or a washcloth under him so he doesn't stick to the wire and tear the yolk sac.
He should be OK-if in fact that is unabsorbed yolk sac(could be just the bulge of the umbilicus).
Put a couple of drops of PolyViSol without iron in some water and dunk his bill to get him jump started.
When they pip from the wrong end they are often in a slightly different position in the egg but also have much less room to move. Whereas a duckling that pips into the airsac can move up into the space- a duckling backwards is already right up against the shell. They often take longer to hatch on their own as movement is one thing that triggers the yolk to be absorbed. As easttxchick has said - put Porky onto a washcloth- it will stop it from sticking to the floor of the bator and reduce the risk of infection since the belly hasnt closed up all the way yet.
My Daisy had a traumatic birth as well, I had to hatch her myself. She pipped through the wrong end and had her foot over her face. She was very lethargic after she was born and couldn't hold her head up for 2 days. Finally she gained strength but her legs were weak (from being all contorted in the shell). She also had her umbilicus sticking out for a bit (I left that part of the shell attached to her and she kicked it off). I did not see anything oozing out though.

Anyway its been almost 2 weeks and she is doing very well. She eats about 1/3 cup food a day and is huge! She seems to be 100%. I thought the worst when she was born but kept positive and she pulled though just great!

I hope your lil one pulls through okay!
my ducks were like that, its the skin pocket over the absorbed yolk, if you look closely you should see its like a belly button on the end, with a little umbilical cord comming from the center of it, dont panic, when it fluffs up ya wont even notice, just as was said, put a little towel under him so it doesnt get poked, you see even though its inside the duck, the yolk that is, its still not all the way absorbed, which can sometimes happen, after 12 hours, you wont even notice it, just let him rest, maybe a tad of water, but other than that, he should be ok

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