Duck Pond Drain Ideas?


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Apr 30, 2017
Hey everyone! We're expanding our duck pen and putting in a small pond form in place of the baby pool for our month old ducks. We put a drain in the bottom of the form to drain it easily, but we're a bit stumped as to how to set it up to ensure it drains all the way. We want to dig in the form and not have it above the ground, but the ground is also level (i.e. there is no hill or unevenness to bring the pipe straight out from), so we'll have to bring the pipe above ground at some point. Any tips on how to properly do this?

For reference, we are on a farm, but due to coyotes and such, we'd like to make this work inside the pen.


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Jul 10, 2010
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It will not drain below the highest level of the pipe you have above ground, so you'll have to pump it out. Another option is to bury it above ground. Set the pond form on something that allows the drain to sit on the ground and then cover with dirt/clay/etc. Then make sure you have a way for the ducks to get into the pond (and out).
That can be done with the dirt/clay to slope up to the pond or you could build a "container" for the pond form that is bigger than the pond and then have area at the top where they can get in.
like this - but provide a way up to the pond level (my girls prefer stairs)


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Aug 7, 2015
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The only other option is to dig a trench for your drain pipe. You might look into the pipes used in leach fields if you go that route. Depending on the size of the pond and the slope of your ground you might have to put in a really long pipe to make sure it keeps draining properly. You will have to put it in at a slope so gravity can help drain the water. You might end up with a very deep trench at the end if your yard is level.

Personally I'd go with a sump pump and a long garden hose. That way you can move the hose around so you aren't always draining in the same spot. Duck pond water is great for plants.

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