Duck Pond/pool pictures


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Apr 27, 2007
Central MA
Both pictures are great.

chickensioux, is that a kiddie pool? I love the set up, it looks very neat. I'm assuming it's a kiddie pool and you dump it daily?

DMFarm, what is the filter system you use? What are overall pond dimensions with depth? Gallons used? Wow, you only drain it twice a year?

In the past I've shied away from getting into a filtering system because I have only read negative feedback on using filters with waterfowl but I'd really like to build one around 7' x 7' and finding an appropriate filtering system would be great so I wouldn't have to drain it as much. Am VERY interested in the detail of the filtering system (can you tell?

I've got 3 ducks now but have several coming from Metzers in a few weeks so I need something that can support 6-10 ducks (all light breeds).


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Jan 4, 2010
Winona Tx
I bought a pond kit off the internet. The pond is 12x19 and 2 ft deep and hold around 3500 gal. of water. The skimmer is a power flo 5000 the waterfall is a power falls 5000 and the uv light is a uv power clear max 5000 they are made by laguna. It has a pump in the skimmer box that pumps the water to the uv and water fall. I have to clean the feather out of the skimmer basket ever week when the birds are molting. You can go to laguna webpage to see the filters

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