Duck pond pump/filter


Jun 13, 2020
I have a 6ft diameter 2ft deep plastic pond I am going to install. There will be 6 ducks unsung it. Does anyone have pump/filter suggestions? Pump size, biofilter? What to expect keeping it clean? 350 gallons is a lot to change out frequently .

Also, how much does it add to the electric bill? Would you recommend a solar panel?


Little Scoot Scoot
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Jun 11, 2020
Hello Pnbjr, Welcome to BYC, You found the right Forum with knowledgeable Fowl members who are more then willing to help you with your questions. A Newbie myself, I too have wondered that very same question. Ducks are very messy and can take crystal clear water and turn it nasty within minutes. Ducks love water, go figure :lau I too would love to find an economical way to keep a bigger pool of water clean for them over changing it out every other day. Thank goodness for the great deep water well pump system we have. I will be curious to see what other member do for a fresh water supply for their ducks.

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