Duck pond


May 19, 2018
You will increase the time between drain and refill by a TON if you add a filter of some sort.
If you put a pump in the bottom, let it run all the time out to a barrel or structure that is filled mostly with pea gravel, and let the over flow go back into the pond - add some water loving plants to the top of the pea gravel. You'll have a natural filter where the plants help take muck and nitrogen out of the water.

For a new or larger pond, find someone who is removing an old flat roof and recover the rubber EPDM liner. You probably can get it for free. That is the best liner to use - PVC will fail in a matter of years (probably 4-5) just because of UV exposure. I don't think the ducks will puncture it though. (Until it gets weak from UV exposure)
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