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Jul 9, 2020
Hello (1st time duck owner)
I am building a raised duck house and run 4ft x 12ft off the ground 10 inches - for them to be in at night. (4 Ducks)
(Indian Runner Ducks) I wanted to put a pond with bio filter inside the run which would take up 4ft
House 4ft x 4ft, Pool 4ft x4ft left hang out area 4 ft x 4ft.
Or should I put the duck pound outside the run in their grassy area on a small platform.
I live in Southern California so the weather is nice.
I'm afraid if I include the pond in the run they will never get out of it.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Mar 8, 2019
Ohio, US
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Hello :)

My ducks loooooove their pools. Seriously love them. They spend a lot of time in them, as well as getting in and out of them (read: dragging water into the run around the pool). I generally try to keep their food and water far from the pool as they splash out water 6+ ft from the pool.

My only suggestion would be to try it out in one spot without making it a permanent commitment. That way, if you need to move it, you can give the other place a try. Wherever you put it, I'm sure the ducks are going to love it! :)


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Apr 17, 2017
If having the pool outside the run is an option I would go for that.
My pool is inside the run, but I cannot free range where I am. It is a lot of work keeping it clean and dry.
As far as filtration, I cannot help you there I don't know enough about it.
But I do know it will have to be a heck of a filter to take on all of the muck that accumulates where ducks swim.

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