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    I currently own five muscovy ducks, three females and two males.

    I got the other two (male and female, around 5 months) because first off my other male Lucky who is 10years+ old seems to cannot breed due to his large size and I believe he is infertile.

    Well I have the other females, around 1.5 years old.

    I tried to put them all up in the pen today, and the two females always chase the 5month olds around until I have to let them out again. I dont see why the male is so scared of the older females, hes twice their size.

    The younger male is my ONLY chance of getting fertile eggs and babies this spring, and I want to see him breed. But I havnt even seen him make an attempt.

    Should I place him and the other female in the pen and remove Lucky? Lucky has been known to kill roosters and such. If I remove lucky from the pen will the male breed with them, knowing the alpha male is absent?

    So what I am basically asking is will he ever breed?
    Can the two older females get over their power tug of wars and let him breed them?


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    Five months is awfully young for a muscovy to be winning over the ladies. Even if he did breed with them right now the fertility would be low. He's going to be closer to breeding age in March which is when the muscovy hens will be more interested in romance.

    If you remove Lucky from the flock it will be easier for the young drake to be accepted. However, Lucky would be all alone and it will be difficult for him to be accepted back into the flock later on. Muscovies are promiscuous - the hens will flit from one lover to another, especially if Lucky isn't meeting their demands. Even if the young male isn't the alpha, he should still sneak in enough love on the side to give you eggs this spring.

    Are you able to put the younger pair in an adjoining pen, or in a cage within the current pen? You want everyone to get along as one big happy flock and the easiest way is to make sure everyone is familiar with one another. Having them together will help with that. After a week or so of everyone being together, then let the two groups mingle without bars between them and see what happens. Expect fighting (ducks have a pecking order, too). So long as no one draws blood just let them sort it out.
  3. Thanks!

    They actually all get along OUTside of the pen, but inside the females make their presence known!

    I removed lucky today and the females were still up for chasing! So I will let the young pair roam while the other two stay with grandpa (lucky) lol.

    Thanks Again!

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