Duck Question: What does it taste like?

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    Duck is my all time favorite meat. I love the stuff.

    It's a dark meat, as is beef, and is similar in texture to a fine-grained beef. I don't think that the meat is beefy. It's more... um... hrm... ducky. Think of a cross between a nicely-cooked dark poultry meat and beef.

    Duck has a think layer of fat on the breast meat. The French leave it on there when they cook it, but don't eat it. Look for a good, simple recipe for duck so that you can get a feeling for the flavor before you add heavy sauces like BBQ or something else. My favorite is a carmelized onion sauce. A sauce with mushrooms and red wine & cream would also be delicious.

    And yes... duck confit is wonderful!
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    Quote:The Blue Swedish/Cayuga crosses we butchered tasted like liver. That's the first thing I said to my husband for the first bite I took and it has been 18 years since I ate liver. It brought back instant memories. I used to hate liver as a kid. I love it now [​IMG] or at least I love the livery tasting duck [​IMG]

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