Duck question


12 Years
Nov 13, 2007
Central Florida
I have a pair of Cayuga ducks that will be a year old in July. I had been collecting her eggs but then thought she had stopped laying...Well my son found her nest with five eggs in it...and she is pened up but had some ferns in there and made a nest there. HOw long should i give her to see if she will set on them...We are in Florida and not worried about the cold at all...pleae help i do not want to lose them if she doe not go to setting on them....

well if she is laying, that is a great sign.
Let her lay more eggs before you worry.
You will notice that she will feather the nest with lovely fine downy feathers just before she starts to sit.
My mallard waited till she had 14 then she sat on them.
Good luck and keep us posted, pm me if you like.
It is tricky to know whether or not she will actually sit. Sometimes they will make a nest, but never have any intentions of going broody! I would wait until there are about ten eggs and give it a week maybe, providing the temps are not below freezing. If she does not sit before then, just chuck the eggs.

Brrody birds are usually hit or miss! Some will go ont heir own and some will go if the conditions are right. Otherwise it's all a guessing game!

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