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    Feb 3, 2011
    DeLeon Springs FL
    I posted this earlier in the duck forum, but have more questions more related to being in Florida. I had a duck family show up on our lake. A female Pekin and mallard drake with four ducklings. The first night, two babies disappeared. I'm in a rural area, only a few houses on the lake, 2/3 of the shoreline is wooded. We have a lot of racoons that have a trail along the edge of the lake. The ducks are staying around our dock and have started taking bread from me. One duckling is turning green, I'm assuming a drake. The other has a white chest. They are getting pretty big. Should I try to tame them and catch them? Or should I let them be. Obviously we have gators now and then.Will racoons kill adult ducks? We have chickens that are locked up at night. I've never seen any signs of them trying to get into the coop although we have had them come through the pet door on our porch but our dogs fought with them.That was a few years ago. I don't know anything about ducks and would appreciate any ideas.

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