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    As you can see I'm a beginner when it comes to ducks. Really enjoying my blue Rouen and pekin ducks. They have been so good with each other and hopefully I won/t have anymore predator problems. My one year old pekin is moulting, What does this mean? I am not sure if my ducks are male/female? How can I tell? If they are male and female, when would they begin producing eggs, and what do I need to do to prepare them for this stage?
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    You can tell their sex by their voice...

    While molting a little extra protein would help them out... as for eggs, just make sure they get an egg layer ration, or flock raiser with oyster shell on the side and a nest box for laying in... although most ducks tend to lay wherever they please, lol...
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    [​IMG] Also, your one year old Pekin should be laying eggs if a female. If a male, you will see a curled tail feather "drake feather." See below. How old are the others?


    O gees, not sure what I did wrong with the picture but hopefully you can see the curled feather[​IMG]
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