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Mar 9, 2016
Hello Duck Folks,
I friend of mine got 5 ducklings a few months ago. They have turned out to ALL be males. The breed is some sort of Swedish something or other. I would think that 5 males could not be kept together successfully. Is that correct? What should they do? They regard the ducks as pets so eating them is out of thhe question.
All ideas welcome!


Mar 10, 2018
Maynard, MA
Some can keep an all drake flock lets see if @thumper650 is around today.
Here I am!
I have four drakes, and I did is mostly on purpose. 2 of them are runners that I recently got, so I have not experienced a breeding season with them yet. My 2 pekins though, who I believe are brothers but got them from a shelter so who knows, went from best buds to fighting constantly in May. One of them got the brunt of it so like it was mentioned, removing an aggressive one might help.
I kept them seperated through the summer, until about August when they calmed down and were fine again. They fought less when not in their run, so I changed their arrangements as necessary. Everybody lives together right now, there's scuffles but nothing major.
Bottom line, if they're pets, like mine and you love them, like I do, be prepared to build little fences.

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