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Nov 30, 2007
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I would really like to get some ducks but know nothing about them. Those of you that do have ducks would appreciate your input. I don't plan on getting a lot because I already have 12 chickens and am going to be getting more chickens. I was thinking of getting 2 maybe 3. I know ducks like water, but do they have to have a pond or a small kiddie swimming pool to survive or can they do without? I do have a pond on my property which is in the very back of my property. However it dries up in the summertime as the dam on the pond broke before my husband came on the property and never was fixed.

Because I know nothing about ducks are they noisy or are they pretty quiet? We don't want a lot of noise so would be looking for a breed that tends to be on the quiet side. Are they pretty messy w/ their poop and what not? I recall from a ranch I used to live on that they are pretty messy. I'm sure there nutritional requirement of feed is a bit different than chickens. I do live on 7 acres so is it possible they could forage their food (bugs and other insects) and just supply them w/ a small amount of food. We can have a fair amount of ticks so any breed of duck that will eat ticks would be wonderful. I know guinea fowl are good for ticks (we had some a few years back but they were just to noisy and wild for my liking) Can you house ducks and chickens together? I am thinking if I get ducklings I would house them w/ my chickens at night when they are old enough. Everyone around here free ranges except they get locked up at night so other wild animals don't get to them. And do ducks like to roost at night like chickens do? Finally, I'm looking for a breed of duck that is really people friendly. I have read that the Pekin is people friendly. I have also read that they cannot fly. Can someone explain that, that just doesn't make any sense. Besides the Pekin can someone suggest a few different breeds that are friendly and wouldn't make a lot of noise.

I have 2 Pekin female ducklings. They will have a kiddy pool in with them when they are adults, but they don't NEED water to survive. They do however need enough water to clean themselves, and clean their nostrils. Female ducks are pretty loud, males are quiet. All ducks are messy, I just clean it everyday. When they are adults might I recommend using horse stall mats, because they are so easy to just rinse off the poop. I feed my ducklings Purina flock raiser, it has a good amount of protein, and niacin. They also LOVE peas! They DO forage, and are pretty darn good at it, so you could have them free range on that in addition to duck feed. Ducks and chickens have been known to get along, but it isn't a good idea until you are sure they will get along, so be sure to SUPERVISE!!! I don't free range, and I won't. too many predators, and I wouldn't be able to watch them 24/7, but they still have a pretty big kennel. Ducks do like to roost, especially when they are laying! my Pekins are as friendly as can be, and I highly recommend them. Pekins cannot fly because their wings cannot support their body mass. In other words, they are too heavy to get their fat butts off the ground
. Muscovies can fly, but they aren't loud, and they are people friendly. Also Runners can't fly and are friendly, and same with Welsh herlequins.

I bought my ducklings at

I have 3 runners. A 50 pound bag of feed lasts 2 months I think - maybe. They free range during the day and are having a blast with the moths returning and all these flies that have been out recently.

Ally flies pretty well, but not far and not high. Though she does get good air many mornings jumping off the deck to fly down for breakfast. Cadbury hardly ever flies off the deck. Blue normally does in the morning, but the last week she's had some hard crash landings and now she's not so sure about it. For whatever reason, her flying ability has um, almost gone away. So has her landing ability

They don't HAVE to have a pool or water to swim in, just water to drink and dunk their head in. But they will be happier if they can at least get some water in a large enough container to clean themselves in entirely and do a quick play about in. Seeing mine in their pool, I know they love it... when it is clean and not full of their poop!

My girls are mostly quiet - unless they want something. Then they let you know until they get what they want. Boys, I hear/read, are quiet. Muscovies are quiet ducks (both girls and boys).

If you only get a few ducklings, as long as you spend a decent amount of time with them each day, you will end up with friendly ducks (or you should). My runners are friendly and pretty go with the flow. They will play next to the garage as the guys are out there working away making noise with no problems. They coming running when they see me walk outside with a dish (usually means they get a veggie snack). They aren't about to hop into my lap, but they will walk with me and hang out near me.

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