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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by hereachick, May 25, 2008.

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    Help - Again I ask for answers to male duck fighting problems! Mine are relentless!
    We have tried 4 different ways to seperate them and still they find away to get back to each other and fight until one has lost all the feathers on his chest!
    Option 1-pulled them apart when fighting.
    0ption 2 seperated them into seperate areas (with chicken wire and a blanket so they couldn't see each other) both during the day and at night. both trying with 1 female with 1 male ,then both females with 1 male - neither worked!
    option 3- Seperate pens on opposite sides of the coop with both having pools and a female - didn't work females flew out, into an area the males couldn't get to. males tried relentlessly to get at each other eventually squeezing threw a small hole in the netting they had made and flying over to the other grabbing at it and fighting AGAIN!
    Currently Option #4 - we have a pair in the reg coop with a pool,and the other pair in a lg dog pen covered in plastic chicken wire also with a pool.We bring the pair from the dog pen into the screened in front porch at night to a lg dog kennel (for added protection from animals at night).Then the next morning we swap off the pairs putting the ones in the house into the coop which is larger and allows for more exercise and the pair that was in the coop into the dog pen.I don't feel this solution will work for long as it requires so much carrying of the ducks.I'm afraid 1 or more will fly away.
    Does anyone have any solution or ideas on how to keep these 2 males from tearing each other apart.We want to keep all our ducks! We have thought of getting 2 more females but, wouldn't the dominant duck want them too?
    I have thought of penning them up with plywood side in little pens on both sides of the coop with chicken wire netting above but, hubby says this won't work.What do you guys think? How can I keep these ducks from constantly attacking each other? seems all they think about is getting at each other and pulling feathers out and wrestling around? Please ... any ideas or thought other than getting rid of one welcome.
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