Duck refuses to eat duck food


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Apr 20, 2010
My 12 weeks and 2 days old Khaki is not eating his duck food. I thought maybe it went bad so I got him new but he refuses to eat this also. He spends most of his days free ranging and at night I will turn on the porch light (he demands this) so it will attract the June bugs which he gobbles up. He also will eat his night time treats, organic peas and carrots with brown rice and cheerios. Right now he is molting and recovering from a bee sting on his foot which I am treating with Neosporine and betadine wash. He has his regular disposition and is not sleeping anymore than usual. There has been a lot of change for him, its been really hot, I put down the DE for the bees -only where the bees are, and he has had a female duck visit him. He is pooping so he is eating something during the day. Once he gets used to all this will he go back on his feed and if not does he need vitamins?
He's getting what nature provides and what the wild ducks live on as well, so I wouldn't worry about him not eating the duck food! If he was in an enclosed run with no access to free ranging then you'd have an issue, but when you free range, they will not eat near as much food! Unless it's winter with no grass/bugs around. Offer the food as free choice but don't worry if it's not getting eaten!
Thank you for your advice. As so as I was done posting this, I noticed he was in his feed. I watched him for a while and noticed he wasn't eating but picking out the ants in it and eating them and not the food. I only put it out 2 hours ago and I can't believe how fast the food gets ants in it.
All the better! Saves on the feed bill!

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