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    Feb 17, 2017
    Hi my name is Brooke and a few days ago I rescued a duck from my lake in New Zealand.
    It did not look very well and we were unsure that she'd make it but after taking her to the Vet we were told that she may survive if we looked after her for the next few days.
    I really want to help her but I honestly have no clue how to look after a duck and what sort of things I should be looking out for.


    Some things about her:

    - I have supplied her with cat food the vet gave me to get her sugar levels up as well as silverbeet and corn in water but she has only been eating the corn.
    - Her poo is a light orangy-yellow colour
    - She has been slowly growing back feathers on the bottom of her wings (they were missing when I found her) but I am unsure of how quickly I can expect these to grow back.
    - She is being contained in a cat cage with towels on the bottom.
    - She has been having swims in our bath which have been increasing in length as she seems to be getting a bit of stregth back (able to stand for a while on her own)

    please please please help. thanks

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    She may be used to eating corn . . . the cat food would be better for her...

    I would try mixing it together - maybe 20% corn, the rest cat food (is this dry kibble or wet food? Sometimes moistening food makes it more interesting).

    There are poultry vitamins that can be added to drinking water - that can help.

    Not suprised that if she's just eating corn, her stool would be yellowish.

    My ducks like dried mealworms for treats, too. She might like lettuce better than the silverbeet. Mine are less impressed with silverbeet and kale than lettuce for some reason. Or you could try chopping it and floating it on water. That makes it more interesting for my ducks. Have you tried some thawed frozen peas? Mine go crazy for that. And they have a little more nutrition than just corn.

    Generally, ducks need water they can dunk their heads in to prevent eye, ear and sinus infections. They need water with their food to prevent choking. Safe shelter, where no predators (in the home that would include domestic pets) can get at her. As you have seen, time in the tub can be very therapeutic. An unbreakable mirror for company might help, too - they are flock animals and can get depressed and lonely.

    Any idea of the breed?

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