Duck romance?


5 Years
Mar 17, 2016
The Coal State
So, do ducks pick a favorite buddy/mate? I have 4 ducks who have been together since ducklinghood... 2 were kinda friends as babies, they were a buff and blue runner #1. Now, my pekin and blue runner #1 are kind of an "item" and always follow eachother around and act like they are courting :) <3 and the buff... he does not like that! He often subtly interupts their moments... so, is this a figment of my imagination? Or a reality?
But the hens are not laying yet... why are they pairing up?

Well ducks can have friends too... can't they?

Yes, yes they can.
And often their hormones rise just before they start laying to just after. Depending on their temperaments they may appear to "pair up", eg, if two birds are shy and the rest are bold and out in the sun foraging.
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Ohhhh... they are about to start laying so that makes sense :) they are just SO cute!! They remind me of little sweethearts! The pekin drake waits for and walks the blue runner hen to and from their excursions :)

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