Duck run substrate? How do you keep the mess down?


10 Years
Dec 16, 2009
near Frederick, MD
I have seen various people talking about how they keep a duck run clean (or at least less muddy).... what is the best surface to have?

This is going into a place where it was all grass and is therefore mud by extension. Is sand best? Small grain gravel (like the sifted stuff from a rock yard)? Mulch? Layered sand with mulch on top?

There is going to be a pond in the run with them, so I will probably build a very shallow decking around the edge of that, but there's still a good 10x15' space thats currently grass.

What do you use?
We use sand; it can get a bit mucky when frozen. Early in the spring when the days are warm and the nights cold only the surface thaws so the surface can be a bit mucky (not like mud though and the ducks cant tunnel in it). Otherwise it drains very well, and the top layer can be removed (with the caked duck manure) easily (or raked and the manure removed). We also built up the sides of the outdoor run (about 6 inches) and have a large sand box type run that is above grade which greatly helps drain the yard.

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