Duck Saga: Return of the Quack Pack

Ducktor Beers

In the Brooder
Oct 7, 2020
Hello friends and fowl,

It's been a stressful few weeks as my 3 member Duck Squad was reduced to 2, my drake was acting aggressive but I missed the liveliness of several ducks in the backyard, I adopted 2 runners but there was only one female so having another drake made Bonkers go nuts, I kept the two pairs separate for a couple weeks and now I've adopted a pair of female pekins.

And after all the drama, EVERYONE IS GETTING ALONG!

The pekins are so much larger and noticable that the mallards and the runners started hanging out. The pekins are super friendly so they also like to hang out with whoever they can get close to. And now Bonkers is very obviously outmatched. Sometimes the two drakes tussle, but Diablo shuts it down quick and if it goes on too long a Pekin comes around to check it out and breaks it up. Now the boys sleep in the same pen and forage together with their ladies.

I really thought I was gonna have to rehome baby Bonks. I know I have to keep an eye out for aggressive behavior and overmating and know when to separate anybody, but for the time being, everyone is getting along and I'm so happy! 😭


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