Duck sitting on one egg!


5 Years
I've got a Muscovy duck and it's stopped laying. It is sitting on just one egg and makes a weird sound and nibbles at your fingers when you go near it! I checked if the egg is fertile and it's not. I do have a drake anyone know why she is only on one egg? And why she is not laying more? Last time, the duck ended up with 15 eggs (not this duck)
She's broody. When ducks are broody they stop laying. The sounds and nibbling are her way of basically saying "back off bro!". Doesn't matter how many eggs are in her 'nest' just the timing. E'aster went broody and she had about 10 or so eggs lol. Its an instinct, not because you have a drake present.
I can't remember ever hearing of a duck sitting on only one egg, but I'd remove the egg if I were you if it's not fertile. It will eventually decay, and she might start laying again if you remove it.

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